i’m so happy that i don’t have to deal with your self hatred and arrogance anymore.  no more manipulation.  you even deleted me off of facebook which helped a lot.  now i’m not going to want to check up on you. deleted from phone, deleted from facebook, now i’m refreshed. now i can let in more positive people.

you tell me you love me the day before you ignore me. i recall that weeks before that fucking argument, that you told me, “you saved me.” “i can’t live without you.” “i’m nothing without you.” “i will always love you.” “i don’t know what i’d do without you.” “i was in a dark place, and you saved me.” “you saved my life.” oh really? because if i was all of those things to you, you would have done something or tried to prevent the arguments even if i continued to add on.  yes, i agree i am at fault for adding onto the arguments, but if i “saved you” then you should have thought about what you said before you said it.  now that the rant is out of the way.  you tell me you love me, then ignore me, so that you “don’t cause another argument.” well shit, you never ignore a girl.  she’ll break up with you. and that’s exactly what i did.  i return all of the things i can think of, and i even returned three more items to you. do NOT text me saying you NEED your shirt.  you forgot you even gave that shit to me.  you do NOT NEED it before Friday, because if you NEEDED it, you would have died for that shirt, and you never wore it anyone because you never asked for it.  OH. And if I “saved you,” and you “cried” when you thought I was breaking up with you so much, and how you, “don’t want to lose me.” I’m so happy you have the courage to move on and ask my brother to go on a double date with you Friday.  Not even a week after the break up. Good for you. Hope you’re happy.  You can’t even be happy on your own.  You NEED someone there, you WANT someone there.  Well I hope you treat them better.  I hope you think before you speak to your future other.  I hope you fucking let them talk and not take everything they say against you, because most likely it’s not. I hope you respect everything they do, and not tell them to do something, or ask them why they do it.  It’s none of your business as to why they do something.  I hope that you don’t answer them with one word messages, and that you do put emotion into your text.  Because if you don’t, don’t expect any emotion back.  And if you do things, expect them to do those things to you.  Because GOLDEN RULE. Treat people the way you want to be treated.  But don’t let the way someone treats you, affect the way you treat them.  But if you treat them crappy enough, for the amount of time, they will be crappy to you. Some people give up on being nice and letting things go when the other person won’t change their behavior.  I hope that this helps and makes you think. Stupid.